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Business Law

Pauline is well versed in the formation and dissolution of various business entities, including partnerships, corporations, and LLC's, to name a few. A well drafted partnership or operating agreement is very important to ensure the business survives if there is a dispute between partners.  Additionally corporate formalities are often neglected which can weaken the protection that an entity is designed to provide. Pauline will make sure that your entity is and remains in compliance with the regulatory agencies. If your entity is non complaint or suspended Pauline will assist in regaining compliant status.  Please contact Pauline to discuss the sale or purchase of your business.


Business Disputes

Disputes often arise in business. Pauline will assist you in protecting your business or your interest in a business. Many business disputes end with significant harm to the business itself. Pauline will assist you in resolving the dispute without additional or unnecessary harm to the business. Negotiation of a settlement is often a path out of a business dispute but some disputes do end up in a lawsuit. 


Real Property Transactions and Disputes

Pauline frequently represents buyers or sellers in completing real estate purchase and sale transactions and other real estate transactions.  Pauline has worked with joint real property owners to create effective co-ownership agreements. Pauline is able to transfer property ownership to different entities for tax benefits or to provide enhanced liability protection.  Unfortunately, disputes can arise between co-owners or neighbors regarding the use of the real property. These disputes can be especially taxing as often the parties live in close proximity to each other. There are many methods for resolving real property disputes without filing a lawsuit, but occasionally a lawsuit is necessary. 


Landlord-Tenant & Eviction Law

The eviction process is complicated and can easily be derailed with simple mistakes. If you have a problematic tenant and are considering the eviction process, please contact Pauline to discuss your options. Pauline has spent 15 years representing Bay Area landlords and commercial tenants in all aspects of Landlord-Tenant law. Pauline has significant litigation experience and has appeared in Superior Court in Alameda, Napa, Marin, Sonoma, Solano, Contra Costa, and San Francisco Counties.  Pauline understands that settlement before trial is less costly then litigation; accordingly, and if in the best interest of her client, Pauline often negotiates pre-trial settlements, through open and direct communication with opposing counsel. 


Leasing and Property Management

Pauline counsels her clients in every step of property management from initial negotiation and drafting of leases to the effective and legal management of properties, to terminating a tenancy effectively. Pauline has significant experience with all types of properties and tenants from 500,000 square foot commercial developments to single family residences. Pauline has spent many years advising large property management companies on how to implement legal policies and procedures for dealing with their tenants so as to diminish the potential of legal claims.


Construction Law

Pauline has experience representing owners, contractors, and developers in and around large scale development projects. Pauline is a resource for title issues, environmental issues or the defense or enforcement of Mechanic’s Liens.  Pauline frequently works with state, county, or local agencies regarding the use or classification of real property at her client's request.