Business Formation

Business Purchase and Sale

Residential & Commercial Real Estate 

Leasing, Landlord Tenant & Evictions

Permitting, Land Use and Zoning


Business Formation

Pauline is well versed in the formation and dissolution of various business entities, including C and S corporations, general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies, joint ventures, and professional corporations. Choosing the right structure is key to building a strong foundation for your business. Pauline can advise you on the pros and cons of each structure available to you, relevant to your circumstances. If requested, Pauline will help  maintain corporate compliance with the California Secretary of State, Franchise Tax Board, and profession specific licensing agencies. Pauline will make sure that the entity is  created correctly and remains healthy. If your entity is out of compliance, Pauline can help.  


Business Purchase or Sale

Pauline has assisted many clients through the purchase or sale of their businesses.  Contract terms must be carefully negotiated and documents meticulously drafted. Many business purchase and sale transactions involve a combination of both stock and asset acquisition, which can complicate the process. Specific disclosures must be made to ensure each party is protected.  Experienced business counsel review is crucial when buying or selling a business.


Residential & Commercial Real Estate

Whether residential or commercial property is involved, Pauline helps buyers and sellers navigate the purchase/sale transaction from start to finish.  Real estate transactions necessitate review of the purchase and sale agreement, disclosures, easements, and title reports at a minimum. Pauline represents commercial and residential buyers and sellers in all types of real property transactions  including purchase and sale, construction, mortgages and foreclosures, refinancing, leases, zoning,  and title. 


Real Estate Purchase and Sale

For over 20 years Pauline has assisted clients buying, selling, and developing commercial and residential real  estate. Pauline represent buyers and sellers, negotiates contract terms and contingencies to protect clients’ interests. Pauline will make sure you’re fully informed at every critical step, so you can make the best decision for your situation. 



Pauline represents owners and tenants negotiating leases, subleases, and assignments across all relevant industry sectors, including industrial, office, and retail properties. This includes crafting letters of intent to frame the key lease terms, overseeing commencement and tenant improvements, leasing, and advising on lease interpretation. Pauline drafts agreements that clearly state the rights and obligations of each party. Pauline assists guiding both landlords and tenants with lease enforcement and management. When things go wrong, Pauline can help negotiate a move out agreement, or, if necessary, evict the  defaulting tenant. 


Landlord-Tenant & Evictions

Pauline has spent  more than 20 years representing Bay Area landlords and tenants.  Landlord tenant law has changed significantly in recent years. The location of a property and the  identity of the owner,  are items that help determine whether rent control or just cause for eviction rules apply.   Owners must strictly comply with notice, eviction, state and local regulations in effect and made have to start over if they make a mistake. Evictions can easily be delayed or derailed with simple mistakes. If you are considering eviction, please contact Pauline to discuss your options.


Title and Easements

Careful review of the disclosures and title reports  is crucial to uncover any real property defects, unknown obligations, or easements and recommend decisive steps to cure those defects to protect your rights. 


Permitting, Land Use, and Zoning

Pauline helps clients secure state, county, and local permits. When warranted, Pauline assists clients to pursue variances and rezoning orders to overcome restrictions.


Regulatory Compliance 

Pauline has assisted numerous clients who have found themselves on the wrong side of compliance with the building department, code enforcement,  or other local agency. Pauline will assist clients to clear outstanding violations, avoid new violations,  and to negotiate a reduction in penalties and fees.